Arranging Treatment in the UK

How to make contact and arrange your care in the UK

How to make contact and arrange your care in the UK

Often life-saving treatment is simply unavailable to patients in their home country; which is why patients either choose to come to the UK for their care with their own funding, or why governments and embassies from around the world sponsor their patients to come to an Aspen Healthcare Hospital or Clinic for access to first-class private healthcare and some of the top Consultants in their fields who we work with.

Our Aspen Healthcare International Patient Centre will arrange the complete process, from initial care enquiry through to any follow-up care required.


Make contact with the Aspen Healthcare International Patient Centre:

Telephone: +44(0) 208 971 8013


This might be making an initial enquiry, right through to booking an appointment with a Consultant. They will be able to advise which Aspen Healthcare facility is the most appropriate for the patient and family’s requirements, or where the most appropriate Consultant is based to manage the patient’s care.



Complete a Medical Report and / Referral Form

Complete the Aspen Healthcare International Patient Centre Referral Form and submit this with existing medical reports. This can be faxed to +44(0)20 8427 3444, or send via email to

The medical report should give full details of the patient’s current condition, relevant medical and surgical history, provisional diagnosis and the treatment or investigations expected whilst in the United Kingdom.

Often patients or their sponsors such as embassies will already have a Consultant specialist in mind, but should this not be the case, the International Patient Centre team will make an appropriate recommendation.

Whilst most patients will see an appropriate Consultant on an outpatient basis initially prior to booking an inpatient or daycase admission, we also do offer an Urgenty Admission Service to many of our Hospitals. This can be arranged by contacting +44(0) 208 971 8013.



Review of the Referral Form

Once the International Patient Centre has received the medical report and referral form, the information is forwarded to an appropriate Consultant specialist (or the requested specialist). He/she will review the patient’s case and confirm with the International Patient Centre if appropriate to go ahead and schedule an appointment for the patient.



Confirming the Consultant, Appointment Date and Estimate of costs

The International Patient Centre will then confirm the relevant Consultant specialist and appointment date and time. Further information provided will include an estimate of treatment costs and the amount of time the patient will need to stay in the UK to complete their treatment and follow-up care.

It is possible that the final cost could be more than the guide price. The team are only able to provide approximate costs until the Consultant specialist has seen the patient, ordered any relevant tests or investigations and decided on a course of treatment.



Please Confirm Acceptance of the Appointment

Once we have booked the appointment the patient or their family would need to confirm the appointment three working days before it is scheduled. This can be done by phone, fax or email.

Aspen Healthcare holds the right to cancel the appointment if it is not confirmed in three working days before it is scheduled. If you do not confirm the appointment seven days in advance it will be cancelled.



Visiting the UK – VISA applications

Once the appointment is confirmed and required funds have been received by the Hospital the International Patient Centre will issue a 'confirmation to treat letter'. This letter will help in any visa application process.

Whilst the International Patient Centre might assist and advise the patient or their family through a visa application process, they have no influence on UK immigration policies and cannot assure that a visa will be issued. Securing an appointment and receiving an invitation for medical care does not guarantee that the visa application will be successful.

Payment information

The team have extensive experience of assisting international patients in coming to the UK for care, so we know how to make your medical travel experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. We would like you to focus on getting better, so have made the payment process as simple and easy to follow as possible.


  • Paying for your own care

Patients can pay for their care in advance of the visit by cash, cheque or debit or credit care. The initial cost estimate would have included information on any deposit required prior to the visit, and what might be expected at the visit.

  • Insurance Companies

Aspen Healthcare works with many international health insurance companies from all over the world. As different insurance policies vary, it is always advisable to contact your insurer directly prior to making arrangements for care to understand how to access an Aspen Hospital or Clinic under your policy.

If you are unsure on how to proceed with paying for your care through the insurance, please contact the International Patient Centre for assistance.

  • Company-sponsored Patients

Our Aspen Healthcare team works with many different companies who fund treatment abroad for employees and their families.

If your company is funding your treatment, please contact the International Patient Centre for more information.

  • Government or Embassy Sponsored Patients

If your government or embassy is taking care of payment for your treatment, please contact the International Patient Centre so we can arrange contact with the relevant embassy liaisons.

We accept 'letters of guarantee' from many different countries.

For information for embassies please click here. Please also see our Value Promise.