Meet the Team

Michelle Martin – International Development Director

Michelle is Development Director for Aspen Healthcare and has the strategic responsibility for the International Patient Centre (IPC) and team.  She is the first point of contact within Aspen Healthcare group of Hospitals for both embassies and international insurers.
The Aspen Healthcare International Patient Centre (IPC) provides a single point of contact for patient and embassy enquiries from around the world. The Team is further responsible for setting up a seamless process to ensure patients get to see the very best consultant for their specific condition in the most appropriate hospital for the treatment they require or any relevant personal circumstances.
Zeinab El-Saadany – International Patient Centre Lead

Zeinab has day to day operational responsibility for managing the International Patient Centre Team.  Zeinab has a Middle Eastern background and has been a British national for more than 30 years.  She has extensive experience of working in the U.K healthcare sector and has developed a strong network of contacts within the medical profession and Insurers and Embassies.
Zeinab works closely with her Team to ensure that patients receive all the practical and emotional assistance they need at all stages during the patient journey.

Abeir Abdulla – International Patient Coordinator

Abeir works with Zeinab to ensure the smooth running of the International Patient Centre office. Together they ensure Aspen’s Hospitals and Clinics provide bespoke services in line with the patient’s cultural, religious and language needs.
Abeir’s background is in customer service and, with Arabic as her first language, she assists as acting as navigator to patients from the Middle-East from initial referral through to patient discharge.

The International Patient Centre Team

The International Centre Team includes a number of Patient Coordinators who provide a personalized service for patients and help them to navigate their way from initial referral through to appointment and admission.
The International Patient Coordinators speak English, Arabic and various other languages and can guide patients through all the aspects of their care, ensuring that patients have a good understanding of what treatment their Consultant has prescribed and why. The International Patient Centre will coordinate the transport service that is available to international patients and their families and can assist with arranging other basic requirements whilst in the UK such as accommodation and translation / interpreter services.