Information for International Patients

The Aspen Healthcare International Patient Centre offers a dedicated Embassy Appointment Line for access to the entire group’s Hospitals and Clinics, across the UK.

The Centre offers centralised appointment services for London based Embassies, Health Offices and can offer access to more than 650 Consultants in London alone.

The Centre team can provide anything from direct outpatient appointment booking to direct inpatient admissions at appropriate Hospitals.

Tel: +44(0) 208 971 8013 or click here to Email.

By using the Aspen International Patient Centre dedicated Embassy Appointment Line the team can ensure that Consultant specialist appointments, any transport and translation services are coordinated for your patients. The team can even assist with local accommodation arrangements should that be useful.


The International Patient Centre team will gladly receive appointment requests for specific Consultant specialists, but where a named individual has not yet been identified, the team will gladly offer a range of suitable Consultants, with information on their individual expertise and special interest areas.

Second Opinions

If a second opinion service is required, in almost all instances this will require the Consultant specialist to see the patient. The team will however first require a full medical report that gives details of the patient's present condition, recent medical and surgical history, provisional diagnosis and details of any treatment already administered.

Package prices

Aspen Healthcare Hospitals and Clinics are able to provide a range of package prices for a range of more routine procedures, and this may include an indication of the Consultant fees involved. These packages include all the normal investigations and procedures for a particular operation for a fixed anticipated length of stay. Prosthesis is usually excluded from the package as this can vary in price depending on the individual needs of the patient and the Consultant specialist recommendation.

Where required, we can provide the embassy with a composite bill that includes Consultant fees.