Our Value Promise

Aspen Healthcare is committed to ensuring that all of its hospitals deliver the best possible value for all of its patients – both national and international.

This means that all of Aspen’s hospitals will ensure that:

  • There is a single point of contact in each of its hospitals for all international patients and referring agencies, sponsors or embassies
  • Patients will be referred to the most appropriate Consultant (or group of Consultants) for their presenting condition
  • Treatment will only commence when formal authorisation is received
  • Tariffs are transparent and patients are provided with the most competitive prices.
  • Guaranteed “procedure package” rates are offered wherever possible
  • One composite bill (incorporating all specialist services and Consultant Surgeon and Anaesthetist fees) can be produced

Guaranteed Procedural Prices

For those patients where there is a clear treatment plan and anticipated length of stay that has been agreed at the time of referral (and confirmed at the time of initial consultation), the cost of the patient’s treatment can be “packaged” at the prevailing procedural rates that Aspen Healthcare offers to the (U.K national) patient.

Example package rates can be seen on each of the hospital’s websites and are subject to regular review to ensure that they remain competitive within their local markets. As these prices will be lower than the standard Aspen tariff (and as they offer a price “guarantee”), full payment is required on or before admission.

Non-packaged Tariff charges

Aspen Healthcare recognises that, for many of those patients referred to the U.K for treatment, it may not be possible to pre-determine the cost of that treatment. In these instances, competitive tariff rates will be applied*. Please note that Consultant fees (Surgeons and Anaesthetists) will be charged in addition. Quotations can be provided on request. A deposit to cover the estimated cost of the treatment (or, if agreed, a Letter of Guarantee) will be required prior to admission



For further information about payment for your treatment at an Aspen Healthcare Hospital, please click here.