Trauma and Orthopaedics

Whether the requirement is major hip or knee surgery, removal of a bunion or a more simple investigation of a joint or musculoskeletal problem, all of our Aspen acute hospitals can care for the patient from diagnosis through to treatment and rehabilitation. We offer regular outpatient clinics with Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons and onsite diagnostic imaging for diagnosis.

Our Consultants also has access to other specialists within our group hospitals including our Sports Physicians, Rheumatologists and Podiatrists, to work with and refer to as appropriate. Should further treatment be required, all our hospitals are equipped with state of the art digitally integrated laminarflow theatres where surgery can be safely carried out. And our extensive physiotherapy and aftercare units ensure the patients are able to receive ongoing rehabilitative treatment. 

Spinal surgery

Across all our hospitals, Aspen works with the UK’s leading spinal surgeons. These experts specialise in treating problems affecting the spine including degenerative conditions of the spine and provide a wide range of neurosurgical treatments using minimally invasive techniques which dramatically reduce recovery times. Many of our facilities also have specialist Pain Management services with Consultants who excel in this super-specialisation.

General Surgery

Our hospitals provide a wide range of different surgical procedures performed by Consultants who are leaders in their field. With the range of services available, we ensure that there is a multi-disciplinary team approach, and access to specialist theatre equipment to ensure best possible surgical outcomes.

Weight Loss Management (Bariatric Surgery)

A complete weight loss surgery/bariatric surgery service is provided at our hospitals, including post weight loss body contouring. An experienced obesity consultant (bariatric surgeon) and plastic surgeon lead a multi-disciplinary team of experts to treat the problem and a variety of options are available depending on individual needs and requirements.

Our comprehensive weight-loss service combines surgery with care and support from one of our registered dieticians to help patients make lifelong changes. Services include Endobarrier, Gastric balloon, Gastric band, Bariatric Nutritionist, Bio-Impedance Analysis.


We offer regular outpatient clinics with world-renowned Consultant Ophthalmologists at our dedicated ophthalmic facility, Midland Eye, and at all our other Aspen facilities. Whether you need simple eye-care or treatment of complex vision and eye-related problems, such as macular degeneration and glaucoma, we can care for you from diagnosis through to treatment.

Our consultants specialise in all eye conditions including age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and diabetic eye disease, glaucoma, strabismus, refractive surgery, uveitis (inflammation), cosmetic blepharoplasty and vitreo-retinal surgery.